Autentne Tai köök ja päris Aasia maitsed valmistatud Tai koka poolt.

Mon to Fri 11:00 - 19:00, Sat 12:00 - 17:00. Located in the EUROMEKKA building - PUNANE 52, TALLINN.
MAYA THAI - the kingdom of exotic flavors where Asian culinary magic meets the art of masters!

Welcome to MAYA THAI restaurant, where true Thai culinary art is brought to life right in the heart of Lasnamäe! Our restaurant is dedicated to offering you authentic Thai flavors inspired by the cuisine and culture of the Isan region in the northeastern part of Loei province. Step into our wonderful world of taste experiences.

Our menu offers a wide selection of authentic Thai dishes prepared from the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Our head chef, an expert in Thai cuisine, has crafted dishes that will delight your taste buds. From classics like Pad Thai, Tom Kha soup, Red Curry, to various spicy seafood dishes, you'll find a wide variety in our menu.

The friendly and experienced service team at MAYA THAI is always ready to welcome you and assist in selecting dishes that match your preferences. Our goal is to ensure that your visit is memorable and enjoyable.

You are welcome to visit MAYA THAI restaurant to discover the authentic Thai flavor right in the heart of Lasnamäe, in the Meka center. Let yourself be transported into the magical world of Thai flavors and culture – we look forward to welcoming you!

Our taste experience is waiting for you!

All our dishes are created by a Thai chef, using authentic Thai recipes and traditional flavors. In every bite, you will experience the rich heritage of Thai cuisine. We promise you not only delicious dishes but also a pleasant service that will transport you directly into the world of Thai flavors and hospitality.